The wilds of the north.

A selection of images from my recent trip to North Yorkshire. Our trip coincided with ‘the beast from the east’, a period of freezing weather from Siberia.


George Janes 2018
The caves above Settle, Yorkshire formed a perfect retreat from the snowstorm outside.
George Janes 2018
The snow capped dales soon resembled deleted scenes from Star Wars. Imperial troops have entered the base!
George Janes 2018
The snow was piled thick upon the hillsides. Despite deep snowdrifts and more snow on the horizon, several fell runners braved the trail.
George Janes 2018
A rare patch of blue sky followed the overnight blizzards.
George Janes 2018
Following the river, we eventually came upon a partially frozen lake. The ducks were not impressed!
George Janes 2018
The wind blew in from across Malham moor, bringing in fresh snow and biting cold.

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