South of the Wadden Sea.

Over the weekend I visited the city of Groningen, in the far north of The Netherlands. An old city, with a long history tied to the Hanseatic league, Groningen is an often overlooked European destination.

The old centre of Groningen is ringed by canals, a reminder of its once powerful status as a trading point in the Hanseatic League.
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Despite extensive damage during the eponymous battle in the city during the second world war, much of the historical centre remains. Including the Martintoren and the Goudkantoor.
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Whilst similar in style to Amsterdam, Groningen is far quieter, with a large student population. The city strikes a good balance between student life and city living, without hordes of tourists flooding the streets!
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Groningen’s architecture is a mix of Dutch and Scandinavian. The cities location close to the German border and Scandinavia has lent itself to a intriguing blend of styles.
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No visit to any city in The Netherlands is complete without overdosing on cake, coffee and sweet delights! Groningen has a thriving coffee scene, and its cafes offer a cosy retreat from the cold winter months.

3 thoughts on “South of the Wadden Sea.

  1. Nice story about Groningen, the photo’s ar very good to let see people about this place… Not a lot of foreigners know about Groningen province and the city of Groningen. Groningen has more to offer than just the city. In our province there are many nice places to visit, just like museums and natural landscapes. Our motto is: There is nothing like Groningen

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