The banks of the Waal.

Over the course of last Spring and Summer, I visited the city of Nijmegen several times. Its relaxed atmosphere and uniqueness sets it apart from many other Dutch cities, making it a must see for anyone wishing to take the road less travelled.

Built along the banks of the Waal river, Nijmegen is the oldest city in The Netherlands, standing close to the German border. The city has existed in one form or another since the founding of a Roman settlement in 98 BC, its influence and importance in European history being traceable into modernity. The blend of history and contemporary culture make it a great place to explore!


Sint-Stevenskerk stands in the centre of Nijmegen. Unusually for The Netherlands, the city straddles several hills, giving it a different feel to its contemporaries.
The centre is a good mix between old and new. After devastation during the second world war, the city was rebuilt and successfully retained much of its former splendour.
There are a number of parks and open spaces throughout Nijmegen, with some playing host to historic remnants of the old city, such as the Valkhof Park. Along the banks of the Waal river, it is possible to walk, swim and relax in the summer sun.
Along with a plethora of museums and curiosity shops, the city also has a great food scene. Many of the historic buildings are now home to restaurants and cafes, such as the Belvedère watchtower.
Surrounding Sint-Stevenskerk are a myriad of cobbled streets and pathways. Quaint cafes, shops and restaurants line the streets, cementing the city’s status as the regional centre.

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